A month has passed since I said farewell to my friends and colleagues at the London School of Economics and thought the Volunteer Centre @ LSE Careers deserved a special farewell post. After almost two years running the Volunteer Centre at LSE it was time to say goodbye, stop talking the volunteering talk and start some volunteering action of my own!

To send my appreciation to all my incredible ex colleagues at LSE Careers here is a little leaving poem just for you…

Well the time has come to say farewell,
When I will be back I cannot tell.

Careers Advisors, Information and Liaison of the Employer,
Three brilliant teams of people of that I can’t be surer.

I know you’ll all miss my chocolate drawer,
My sustainability rants I am not so sure.

Now I’m gone please remember team,
Turn your monitors off and keep it green.

There has been enough cake to last us a lifetime,
Chocolate, Victoria sponge and other flavours that don’t rhyme.

LSE careers I will miss you all a lot,
The laughs and giggles will not be forgot.

For one final message ‘YOU SHOULD ALL VOLUNTEER’,
The tears are now flowing, so lets go have a beer!

As a charity or LSE student you can follow the LSE Volunteer Centre on twitter to see what they are up to and how you can get involved at or email [email protected] for information on recruiting LSE student volunteers.

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  1. Robin says:

    Hi Jen,
    Great to see that you reached Everest Base Camp – glad to see that Howie made it too (although sorry to see that he appears to have suffered from mountain sickness). What in heaven’s name do you set up your tent on at Base Camp? it looks as though it is all boulders and sharp stones.
    Enjoy the next stage of your trip.
    Best wishes

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