About Jen

Volunteering is my life! Ok that is a slight exaggeration but it certainly plays a big part and has done since my first taste of volunteering at a primary school in Trenton, New Jersey, back in 2003!

Yes I was quite a late bloomer, not trying my first official volunteer experience until the ripe old age of 18, but believe you me I have well caught up since then. I was instantly addicted and have been ever since!

For the last 8 years I have been ‘boring’ (actually mesmerising) my friends and family with tales of banter with the homeless at soup kitchens, funny kids’ one liners from teaching in schools, the weirdest thing you can find on a beach clean, and over and over… just how bloody brilliant volunteering is. So I decided it was time to share these tails with the rest of the world and that means YOU!

I hope you find this website interesting, informative and most of all great fun, as I recount stories of volunteer experiences, sharing ideas and tips on finding the best volunteer opportunities from around the world.

I want to share your experiences too so if you would like to write a guest post please do get in touch.

Below is a list of my volunteering experiences to date (as well as I can remember)


  • Helping out weekly at a primary school in downtown Trenton, New Jersey, USA.
  • Serving food to the homeless in Trenton, USA at a soup kitchen
  • Organising a fun sport and games day for kids from the school in Trenton, USA.

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