Climbing Mountains, Raising Funds

Last week I returned from a 13 day trek to Everest Base Camp and back. Covering 120km and rising 5350m in just under two weeks was one of the most gruelling and tiring things I have ever had the pleasure of completing. With only two hot showers, patchy sleep, heavy breathing and blisters that looked like extra toes, there was definitely a lot of pleasure when I returned safely to Kathmandu. Despite all these perhaps negative points, I had a bloody brilliant time, really enjoyed the hiking, made some great new friends and learnt how to survive two whole weeks without meat… the toughest part by far!

First sighting of Everest Summit. Beautiful!

I decided to climb to Everest Base Camp for many reasons, one of them being to raise money for my favourite charity in England, The Young Achievers Trust! For the last two years in England I have been on the trustee board for the charity that is completely run by volunteers. Each year the Young Achievers Trust support young people who have done great things in their community, through a year’s support package of training, mentoring and money can’t buy opportunities. It is an inspirational charity filled with inspirational people celebrating the brilliant achievements of young volunteers.

Howie and I at Everest Base Camp! We made it!

So far I have raised over £200 for the Young Achievers Trust but I hope to raise over £500 as my final farewell. If you would like to sponsor me you can do so by following the link here:

Every penny you donate (plus gift aid if a UK tax payer) goes straight to the Young Achievers Trust.

To find out more about the Young Achievers Trust visit their website or email [email protected]

Jumping above the clouds

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