*Sponsored Post* – An Alternative to Volunteering

It is clear I love all things volunteering, in fact some might say I am a bit of an addict! However I am attempting to cut back (a little) to leave room for a couple of other things I have really wanted to do that don’t come under the heading ‘volunteering’ … I am traitor to my own blog I know, but sometimes you have to try something new.

Which is why, on top of my new job, I have a new challenge in my life…  Getting into the RAF Reserves.

So far I am just at the online application stage and am waiting to attend an information day in April as you can read about on She Gets Around.

But why have I decided to join the RAF Reserves and why is this not volunteering?

  • First and foremost…You are paid. So instantly this wipes it off the volunteering list. I would be lying if I said that wasn’t part of the attraction. Truth is earning money is nine times out of ten going to increase your motivation to do something (she says hoping fellow volunteer addicts won’t send me hate mail). I was recently asked if I would be interested in getting paid for one of my volunteer roles … well I’m not going to say no… volunteer addict or not. To get paid for something I would do for free anyway is going to increase the chances of me finding the time to help.
  • I love a challenge. Whether it is a meat eating related challenge, a climbing mountain related challenge or a new challenge in a job, I never turn down the chance to test my levels a bit further. Joining the RAF Reserves is possibly going to be the biggest challenge to date and I can’t wait.
  • The opportunities it will create. With top quality training in a vast range of areas and meeting new equally motivated and challenge loving people from all different walks of life you never know where it will lead.
  • I want to get fit (er). I like to think I am marginally fitter since returning from travels but I am still a long way to go to be at a fitness level I want to be at. People shouting at me to ‘Get down and give me 50’ is the only way to make me actually do it… that is what they do right?

People get involved in the RAF for loads of reasons and here are a few of mine. If you think this sounds interesting you can find out more by watching the video clip below. Another way to do your bit to support other.

This is a sponsored video though all thoughts are my own and as with She Gets Around, the timing of being asked to write a blog about the Reserves right after I applied was just perfect.

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